Snacks and Break Boxes

Compostable Plates, Napkins, and Utensils are not included. Please visit the “Paper Products” category to add to your order.

Sweet and Salty Movie Kit

Our Sweet and Salty Snack Box, Serves 8-10 and Includes Assorted Candies and Crunchy Snacks. The Perfect Assortment for Movie Nights.

Chocolate Lovers Movie Kit

Our Chocolate Lovers Snack Box, Serves 8-10 and Includes Assorted Candies and Chocolate Bars. The Perfect Assortment to Satisfy the Sweet Tooth While You Binge.

Energy Break Box

Our Energy Break Box Serves 8-12 and is Packed with Protein! Includes Assorted Trail Mixes, Protein Bars and Bites, and Jerky. 

Crunch Break Box

Our Crunch Break Box Serves 8-12 and Includes Assorted Popcorns, Chips, and Crunchy Delights.

Individual Cheese Plate

Housemade Individual Cheese Plate Featuring Fresh, Local, & Imported Cheeses

*Priced per person*

(Min 8)

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