Break Boxes

Compostable Plates, Napkins, and Utensils are not included. Please visit the “Paper Products” category to add to your order.

Energy Break Box

Our Energy Break Box Serves 8-12 and is Packed with Protein! Includes Assorted Trail Mixes, Protein Bars and Bites, and Jerky. 

Sweet and Salty Movie Kit

Our Sweet and Salty Snack Box, Serves 8-10 and Includes Assorted Candies and Crunchy Snacks. The Perfect Assortment for Movie Nights.

Chocolate Lovers Movie Kit

Our Chocolate Lovers Snack Box, Serves 8-10 and Includes Assorted Candies and Chocolate Bars. The Perfect Assortment to Satisfy the Sweet Tooth While You Binge.

Crunch Break Box

Our Crunch Break Box Serves 8-12 and Includes Assorted Popcorns, Chips, and Crunchy Delights.


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