How do I place a catering order?

We offer three ways to place your order:

  • Online at: www.gourmondoco.com
  • By Phone: 206-587-0190
  • By E-mail: gourmondo@gourmondoco.com

What is your deadline for ordering?

All orders need to be submitted by 5:30pm the business day prior, e.g. by 5:30pm on Friday for Monday.

Do you accept “Same Day” orders?

Same day orders are accepted on a case-by-case basis. We try our best to accommodate same day orders, but it depends on the capacity and availability of our kitchen and delivery teams. Please reach out as soon as possible to discuss options!

How can I make a change to my order?

You may adjust your order up until 5:30pm the business day prior. Adjustments must be made over the phone at 206-587-0190 or by email at gourmondo@gourmondoco.com.

Do you have any minimums?

Most of our buffet items have a minimum of 8 servings. We don’t have a minimum for box lunches but there is a $10 fee for orders with a subtotal under $40.

What is your cancellation policy?

You may cancel your order without charge anytime before 5:30pm the business day before your order. Same day cancellations will be charged 100% of the scheduled service price.

Why is the “Amount to be Charged” higher than the order total?

We preauthorize cards for 120% of the order total, which allows you to make changes to your order up until 5:30pm the business day prior without us having to re-preauthorize the card. Payment is run the business day after delivery for the order total.

Can I be invoiced for payment?

Yes, our direct billing program is offered as a convenience to our clients who prefer to pay by check. The business day after your event, an unpaid invoice will be sent via email and payment should be received within 30 days. We require a valid credit card to be held on file for use only in the event of non-payment. To participate in the program, please request an application.

What is the complimentary delivery window?

11am-12pm. Deliveries can arrive as early as 11am or as late as 12pm.

I chose the complimentary delivery window. Why do I still see a $25 charge?

We manually remove the delivery fee before confirming your order. Your order confirmation will show the delivery fee removed.